Brandon (brandonious) wrote in massmetal,


Former members of "Art Is Lost", and "Kill It" are looking for a vocalist. we have a full band just need a vocalist.

you must be able to do death lows. tough guy mids and good highs. singing is a plus but not a must.Passion, creativity, dedication/reliability, and openmindedness is a MUST

Lyrics are very important. must have smart, openminded, lyrics. no love stories. nothing negative or hatefull. We need a poet, no sumone who just screams.

For examples on lyrical influences they would include but not be limited to. with honor, remembering never, stretch armstrong, ect.

Our music is a experimental blend of tech metal , hardcore progressive rock, grind, and hints of doom, jazz and other influences

If intrested or have any questions please call me (brandon) at 413-455-5135 leave a message.

Please DONOT respond with a message, call my cell i dont get online to often.
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